Importance of Spring Pond Cleaning

February 20, 2023

We are getting closer to spring. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait! With that said, I just wanted to give you a heads up to keep an eye out in your mailbox for our Spring Cleanout Service Request Form. Please note that if you pay before February 28, you will receive a 10% discount. This will also move you to the front of our cleanout schedule.

Here are a few reasons why having your pond or water feature cleaned in the spring is the best time:

  1. Fish safety: Fish are still pretty inactive early in the spring, so they are easier to catch, meaning less stress on them. The water in the pond is relatively the same as the water that will go in to refill the pond, making the acclimation process optimal.
  2. Throughout the fall and winter, it is very typical that leaves and debris have accumulated. Removing this will help prevent dissolved oxygen depletion as well as poor water quality.
  3. Getting it cleaned early will allow you to enjoy it longer!

If you are interested in adding enhancements, during the cleanout process is the best time. Here are some enhancements that can improve your enjoyment of your water feature. Let me know if you are interested in adding any of these this year:

  • Lights: lights will extend the time you can enjoy your water feature and even gives it a new look. It’s like having two water features in one! We install LED lights that come with a timer and can be white or color changing.
  • Auto Dosing System: This product takes the guesswork out of adding water treatments and drips the proper amount of water treatments in your water feature. It’s like an IV for water features! This will help keep your water feature clean and clear.
  • Longen: If you have had issues with algae, this will help eliminate them. The Iongen system injects copper ions into your water feature keeping algae and your water feature beautiful. The Iongen is safe for fish and plants.
  • Powerheads: If you have areas in your pond with poor circulation, then a powerhead is the answer. Power heads are placed in slow moving areas and push water into the water column. Better circulation equals better water quality.

If you have any questions about spring cleanouts and/or interested in adding any enhancements, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to helping you get the most joy out of your water feature!